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Your Forms Don’t Need to Be Ugly Part 3

This is the 3 part of a series of posts where we are trying to improve the ui and interaction with forms in Android. Part 2 introduced the FloatingHints library and showed how this simple pattern can make a big impact in your forms.

The source code for Part 2 is already available on Github.

On today’s post, we will introduce an easy way of dealing with transitions between forms and how to respond to orientation changes

Your Forms Don’t Need to Be Ugly Part 2

Last week we started to talk about how ugly forms can be displayed and raised some issues about it. Today is time to stop ranting and start contributing.

Introducing FloatingHints

A while ago thanks to Chris Banes and Cyril Mottier there was a buzz around a pattern called Floating Label Layout. I used this approach in the last project I’ve been working on and the feedback was very good. Therefore, I’m releasing this small library called FloatingHints which you could use if you want to add a bit of styling to those ugly forms.

The snapshot version is already available at Sonatype while the release version will be soon released at Maven Central.

Blogging Again

After a couple of years being lazy and just reading what others wrote, I belive it’s time to start blogging again. One could explain inspring stories about blogging and black holes but I’m just going to explain why I chose Octopress over other blogging platforms and how I made it work for me.