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Hello, my name is David González and I’m an Android Software Craftsman. Do you think that word is too arrogant? It may be, one can say that this whole Software Craftsmanship is just another stupid trend. One can also say that the fact that there is a manifesto does not prove anything either.


5 years ago I was hit by Android, it was about time for my University dissertation and a teacher whom I’ll always be thankful showed me this thing called Android which was supposed to be a big thing… a couple of days after I started to write an app which alerter the user when the proximity to a bar (still Spanish after all) was smaller than a specified distance.

The truth is, I consider myself a curious creature. I like to ask questions and I’ve been lucky enough to learn from the best. The evolution at Novoda has been amazing, starting as a Junior developer I’ve been raising the bar, caring about the details and taking care of the products. Now I’m a Technical Product Owner, Google Developer Expert for Android and I’m in love with public speaking.

This blog is where I write about my passions, experiences and mistakes… yes mistakes, because that’s from what I’ve learnt the most.

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Speaker at conferences

  • Wearable Technology Show London 2015 - Panelist on the Future of Wearable Apps
  • MaterialFest Cadiz 2015 - Material Animations and other related stories slides
  • DevFest Barcelona 2015 - What Material means to Android slides
  • Codemotion Madrid 2014 - What Material means to Android slides
  • Droidcon UK 2014 - Size does not matter, 2.83 inches is enough slides video
  • Droidcon Madrid 2014 - Android and Google App Engine slides
  • Droidcon Berlin 2014 - Streaming to the Droid slides
  • GDG Android in Berlin 2014 - SQLite Provider slides
  • DevFest Berlin 2013 - Gradle and the beauty of the command line slides video
  • Droidcon Amsterdam 2013 - Gradle and the beauty of the command line slides
  • DevFest Barcelona 2013 - Gradle and the beauty of the command line slides
  • GDG Android in Berlin 2013 - The Novoda process slides

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